Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another ignored stop sign, BQE and Atlantic

There is a stop sign at the bottom of the egress from the BQE that leads to Atlantic Ave. (see map). It seems that almost no vehicle will stop where it is supposed to stop here. This spot is a few hundred feet from the notorious accident location that I habitually report on, which also involves an ignored stop sign. But this spot here, right on Atlantic Avenue, obviously also has great potential for accidents. Here are my observations as of yesterday:

Just another example of an ongoing, dangerous situation, apparently completely ignored by the powers that be.


OfTroy said...

it might be more effictive short--who needed to see loops and loops of the same cars again and again.

and that exit gives a clear view of oncoming traffic.

sure they ran the stop sign, but they never entered onto atlantic when traffic was coming. (when there was traffic on atlantic, the drivers stopped!)

a.v. said...

Yeah, this intersection has good visibility, and all the cars you show are yielding to foot and vehicle traffic with a right of way. I don't see anything particularly dangerous. And think of all the gas saved by cars keeping their inertia.